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Jazzy Kitty Publishing Marketing Plan


Jazzy Kitty Publishing Marketing Plan

Presented by Ardreana Thompson, Marketing Consultant/Director

For all Marketing inquires please contact Ardreana Thompson directly @877.782.5550 x 101

Email ardreanathompson@yahoo.com

Dear Authors,

We here at Jazzy Kitty Publishing would like to extend our marketing services to you. We have carefully constructed an affordable marketing plan to help you in getting maximum exposure for your book. Items within your plan will be disbursed over the course of your payment period, but we will begin working for you upon receipt of your first payment. Our marketing items are designed to help you to capitalize from your work as much as possible. We understand that it can be a difficult task to get your work in front of the right audience. Therefore, we want to do the hard part for you. We ask that you take the time to browse through these items and sign-up for one of our marketing plans today, because a book with no marketing plan will not sell itself.

Respectfully yours,
Ardreana Thompson

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT just for Jazzy Kitty Publishing authors; ALL AUTHORS ARE WELCOME!!!


Happy Thanksgiving…This was especially written for our amazing authors!!!

Jazzy Kitty Publishing Pray:

That God will Bless you
And we thank Him for your Gifts
And without you…
There would be no business

We are Grateful that you shared your Gift from your Heart,
Therefore, we pray that God will Honor that
And touch you in a Very Special Way

Most importantly,
May your gift of writing
Elevate and grow each day

This Thanksgiving we just want you to know…
That we are Truly Thankful for you
Because your book is unique
And reveals what you Love to do

We really appreciate you choose us;
That God directed you in our path
And we Pray that is business relationship
And for some of you FRIENDSHIP… will Forever Last

Your writing is a Beautiful Gift
And it is like No Other…

Just know that you were CALLED by God
To share it with many
And we want to thank you for the time you gave
Of sharing your talents…To bless another

So take a few days off and Rejoice
Be Happy and have some fun with family and friends
Eating turkey or whatever you enjoy most

Just be THANKFUL this Thanksgiving
And give God Praise for everything
Because He is the source of…

Happy Thanksgiving from Jazzy Kitty Publishing

Anelda Attaway
Poetry is My Ministry
To God be the Glory

Thank you for choosing Jazzy Kitty Publishing, we appreciate your business.

Please note that we are closed observing the Thanksgiving holiday from Thursday, November 28 until Monday, December 2nd.




About the Author

Tonika Yvonne Wheeler also known as “Toni” was born and currently lives in Longview, Texas. Tonika (Toni) has lived in Dallas, TX and Downey, CA where she performed in community plays, indie films, and General Hospital (stage name Tonika Yvonne). She is the daughter of Yvonne Wheeler-Hutchinson (a former educator) and Clarence Wheeler, Sr. (an entrepreneur). She is the mother of one amazing daughter who name is Kyia Elise Walker and a son who sadly preceded her in death, Quentin Wheeler. She is the oldest sister of Kalandra Wheeler (an attorney) and Clarence Wheeler, Jr. (public administration).

Tonika has her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Associates in Performance. She is also an advocate for optimal health.

About Damaged Goods

“Damaged Goods” is her debut ‘Spokenword’ book. She wrote her first piece “Granddaddy Cleo” around the 6th or 7th grade in order to deal with her grandfather’s death. This was the moment paper and pen became her best friend. She believes if you can’t or don’t want to speak it…ink it, there has to be an outlet.

Damaged Goods celebrates the whirlwinds of life through a collection of Spokenword and poetry written by Tonika Yvonne Wheeler. “Damaged Goods” is her debut ‘Spokenword’ book. The author illustrates the dark sides of life with momentary illumination. Bitterness and spitefulness doesn’t have a color, gender, age, or social status. Nor is immunity gained from life’s whirlwinds based off one’s moral stance or bleeding heart. “I’ll never get married again!” uttered a once thoughtful male friend going through a taxing divorce. The author sat listening to his non-stop verbal jabs at his soon to be ex-wife, women, and marriage. “You’re Damaged Goods,” the author replied. But the good thing about damaged goods is they can always be refurbished. And sometimes the refurbished goods work better than the one that’s never been damaged. Or does it?

DAMAGE GOODS IS A MUST HAVE…GET YOUR COPY TODAY. You can purchase DAMAGE GOODS directly from Jazzy Kitty Publishing just email us at anelda@jazzykitty.net or call us at 877.782.5550. It is also available now on AMAZON!!!


When typing up your Manuscript for Publishing

Dear author, when typing up your manuscripts to send to a publisher, use only 1 space after the period, instead of two.  This little tip will save the publisher a lot of time when preparing your book for print.

Jazzy Kitty Publishing

We Are Excited to Announce our Inspiring Authors…Coming Soon!!!

The Pen God Gave Me: The Diary of My Soul Poems by Ardreana Thompson
Desperate Days by Bo Hall
From My Understanding Reginald Walton
Dating My Dad by Apple Dailey
5’6 & Standing Tall by Elizabeth Goins-Turner
Never Judge a Book by Its Cover by Pastor Larry Suber
I’m Not Divorced, He Is by Erika Broadwater
Lessons from My Father Samtra K. Devard
The Cry Continue the Unwanted Don by Torrey Flowers
Cartel Kings and Gangsters; Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang!!! by Simmeon Anderson
Turn Me Loose by Alice Brazzle
Lord I’m Still Standing by Robin D. Johnson
Thoughts of My Mind by Cris Crismond
Whisper of Life by Helen Butler
Wet Sensations by Michael Guinn

More to come…Stay Posted!!!

Jazzy Kitty Publishing

Congratulations to Alisha Broughton on her new title Business Principles and Practices (From Rags to Riches) “Broke Yesterday…Rich Today…


This workbook is to understand the general principles of business. Overall business principles are used in both for-profit and nonprofit institutions. This workbook provides an overview of these key principles. As you progress through your business education, personal, non-profit, church, and civic organization you will discover that this book is devoted to some of the topics that we take you to the next level in business. This product will enable the student to learn about personnel management, leadership, and motivational techniques. This workbook is a survey of the functions of business, a comparison of the forms or organizations and methods of administration, and the interdependence of production, distribution and finance in modern business.

For some of you, this workbook may be one of the first that you have taken at the college level. Your future academic success may be influenced by how well you perform. Nothing worth having is easy to acquire. The same is true with your business. Read, take notes, and participate. If you do all of these things, you will discover that business can be successful and it is not difficult, just rigorous.

Course Relevance: The principles learned in this workbook will allow the student to understand the various forms of business domestically and globally. The principles are relevant for everyone, from those entering the workforce for the first time to aspiring entrepreneurs. The workbook also has tips for daily living and your personal finances.

COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the workbook the student should be able to: •Explain the different types of business structures and the benefits of each type •Define at least three theories of motivation and explain their application •Understand the basic concepts of interviewing, hiring, training, and employee discipline •Understand the basics of business entities •Discuss why businesses exist, how they are structured, and how they are relevant to Federal laws regulations. •Read & understand a basic income statement or cash flow projections •Apply the principles of marketing to any business situation •Know the relevant United States laws concerning hiring, discrimination and disabilities •Be able to find resources to assist in the enhancement of your personal life or business
Product Details

Paperback: 118 pages
Publisher: Jazzy Kitty Greetings Marketing & Publishing Co (December 21, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0985145382
ISBN-13: 978-0985145385
Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 0.2 inches

Hello World!

Hi, This is Anelda Attaway and I am the CEO and Publisher of Jazzy Kitty Publishing dba Jazzy Kitty Publications. This blog is to keep you informed regarding our authors and publishing information. Our goal is to publish authors at lowest rates while making their dreams come true. GET PUBLISHED TODAY!!! Call 877.782.5550 for information or email us your manuscript to anelda@jazzykittypublications.com for a quote.

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