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New Life Christian Center Invites you to Celebrate Our 9th Anniversary on March 30th at 10:00 am; Please Join Us!!!

New Life Christian Center 9th Anniversary on March 30th at 10:00 am

New Life Christian Center 9th Anniversary on March 30th at 10:00 am

We at New Life Christian Center will be celebrating our 9th Anniversary on Sunday, March 30th at 10:00 am and You’re Invited to join us!!!

Our theme is 9-years of 9-Fruits of the Spirit of God.

On this day, we are asking everyone to join us for light refreshments immediately following the morning worship service.

We would be honored for your presence; please also invite your family and friends.

We are located at 400 Hillcrest Avenue, Sanctuary II @March Road and Hillcrest, Wilmington, Delaware 19809.

With the Love of Christ,
Pastor David Pope
Senior Pastor

Jazzy Kitty Publishing presents The Last Cry The Continuation The Unwanted Don


The Last Cry, The Continuation The Unwanted Don is part II of my first book The Last Cry published on August 29, 2011. It is the continuation of the main characters in the Last Cry: Ravenion aka Juan Ellis, Natasha Middle, Sonya, Smokey, Leo, and Nikko.

The Last Cry was based on a local street dealer that finds himself in a robbery, in which he kills one of the robbers. After being captured by the police the next day, he finds his faith in the hands of 18-year-old Natasha Middle. Natasha holds a possessive love for him and goes to her grandfather Honorable Judge Harold Middle for help in hope that Ellis would finally notice her and give her the relationship she dreamed of.

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I was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 26, 1978. I grew up in what seem like ever rough hoods of Atlanta. I was a child that was abused until I was six years old. 

My mother went to prison in 1985, that’s when the abuse stopped because she killed her husband. I was placed with my grandmother, who was also raising two of her grandchildren. It was house full of “crackhead” adults. Now came three of my mom’s children. So she didn’t have time to raise of five of us. Many times Christmas missed us, but I went out and stole for my little sister Cara and little brother Neil. In addition, I started taking out trash for a dollar for candy for all five of us. I knocked on the dope man door and he took me in.

This is the time of my life that I was staying in the Scottsdale Oak Forest Apartments. I started out as a “watch-out boy”, moved to a “delivery boy”, and then a “drug dealer”.

By the time my mother came home in 1989 from prison, I wasn’t Torrey anymore, I was Charlie Cain. My mom tried to raise me, but the streets had my heart. Also, I didn’t care for school; I went but wasn’t mentally there.

I started my drug empire in the streets of East Atlanta from nickels and dime to ounces and half of kilos. I ran with a robbing crew, and that crew got me 2 consecutive life sentences at the age of 14. I’ve been in prison since 1993. I educated myself and I went from a 14 year old with an 8 year old mental capacity; to getting my GED. In addition, going to Middle GA Tech for food preparation to writing books.

When I came up for parole, it was denied, and set off for 3 years; due to the nature of my crime.

My mother has since passed away, my sister Taylor had a heart transplant, and my sister Cara had cancer. I can only hope that I make parole in September 2016 or leave before then. My Lawyer said that they can come back, and that I’m now under review. All we can do is hope and pray.

Every life has the Rubin Carter dream; some one would gain interest and help me out. I only hope that you’ll pay attention to your children, brothers, or sisters and stop them from coming here to prison. Prison is an open door, just like an open grave that don’t want to let you go.

Readers, if you want to you can write to me and I’ll write back to you.

The address is below:
Torrey Flowers 814370, D-328
Jack & Rutledge State Prison
7175 Manor Road
Columbus, GA 31907

Until then…Peace!

Ravenion Nalls


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