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Happy New Year from Jazzy Kitty Publishing


In the New Year
We at Jazzy Kitty Publishing 
Wish you Prosperity and Success 

So Name it and Claim it
And expect Nothing less

We pray That your life will be Peaceful and Safe
And that you Make every day Count with No time to Waste 

We Pray for Increased Wisdom and Understanding 
And in your Daily Walk you get Closer to Him

We Pray that you Realize your true Vision
And fondest Dreams

And don’t Focus on the Negative… 
Only Positive things

We pray for your Fulfillment, and Contentment with everything 
We pray the very best for you in 2014

For as we enter Another Year and Its History is Unknown;
Be Grateful that We do not have to Walk this Path alone

For God will be with us…Guiding our Steps
So We want you to take time to Recognize, 
That You are simply Blest

We know to make a Resolution 
Is a New Years Tradition

Whether you Do or Do Not keep it

Just be careful when you Speak
Because if you make a Promise or Vow to God
It should be not be taken Lightly 
And it should be One that you keep

Therefore let your First Resolution be
To Love and to Live for God
For Holiness is the key

So in 2014
Believe God for the best
And Expecting New things

God Bless you all
And Happy New Year!!!

From …
Jazzy Kitty Publishing

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