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Jesus is the Only Reason for the Season…Merry Christmas from Jazzy Kitty Publishing


Jesus is the Only Reason for the Season


For unto us

A Child is Born…


In the City of David

A Son is Given


Which was The Christ

Our Lord


And due to His

Miraculous Birth


Our Lord Jesus Christ

Was Born on Earth


And Jesus

Is the Only Reason

For the Season


The Bible tells us that

The Government would be

On His Shoulder


And He would be called

Mighty God

Everlasting Father

Prince of Peace

And Wonderful Counselor


And because of His Life

And Sacrifice


Every day

True Believers Celebrate

The Birth of Christ



Christmas Day is set aside

To Celebrate

In a Special Way


So Invite the Lord

To be a part of

Everything you do

On Christmas Day


Instead of

Leaving Him out


For it’s

The Birth of Christ…


Is what Christmas Day

Is Truly about


For Christmas

Is a Special time


For us to Reflect on Jesus Christ


Who brings Meaning

To our lives


Christmas is also

A time to Give

Rather than Receive


It’s the Time

To help someone

With their Needs


So let’s Celebrate

With Joy in our Hearts


Along with Love

For Everyone


While Remembering

The True meaning

Of Christmas is…


The Birth of Jesus…

God’s Son


For Jesus

Will always be

The Only Reason

For the Season


Explain to your Children

Christmas means more than

Santa, Gifts

And a Tree


Tell them about

The Savior

Who was Born

And laid in a Manger


Then Later Crucified…

For you and For Me


Our Savior

Shed His Precious

Blood and Water

When pierced in His Side



If we take Christ

Out of Christmas…


We Celebrate

For the wrong Reason


For Jesus is

The Only Reason

For the Season

There is No substitute

That the World could offer


That can take that

Meaning away


So as we Share Gifts,

Trim the Tree

And Spend time

With Family


Let’s Keep in Mind

The True Meaning

Of Christmas is…


Jesus is…

The Only Reason

For the Season


Poetry is My Ministry/To God Be the Glory

Jazzy Kitty Publishing

© 2013 Evangelist Anelda Attaway



Happy 30th Birthday to Our Little Sister Marquita aka Keita


A Beautiful Day is here for us to see

Our Little Sister… Keita has turned 30!!!


Another Birthday And reason for our family to Celebrate!

Our Little Sister is Special and One of a Kind


Therefore, with many Blessings…

Today and Always Our Little Sitter is wished

The best Birthday Ever sealed with a Kiss!!


And Because she’s in Our lives

Our family is Blessed!!! 

Happy Bithday Lil Sis…Keita we all Love You


Happy Birthday to Alfancena Millicent Barrett

Happy Birthday to one of our Special authors Alfancena Millicent Barrett know as Alfie.  When love and adore you here at Jazzy Kitty Publishing. You book is a complete testimony of healing and has touched the lives of many.

Please bless her and order her amazing book titled THE FACES OF STRUGGLES SUCH AS CANCERS ARE ON THE JOURNEY TO GOD’S GLORY!!!

This book is her testimony of how God used her hrough life’s struggles to bring Glory to His name. It tells of how He prepared her with the help of her family, from the time of my birth to the present, using an imperfect body and person to carry out His will.

It is a testimony of how her walk with God has helped her to understand how insignificant the physical body is and the power of the Spirit of God from within. When the Spirit lives within, it shines outwardly for others to see.

She has come to witness that God, through Jesus Christ, is the head of the healing process, followed by doctors, medication and the people with whom He surrounded me. It is indicated in I Peter 1:7 (KJV) ” That the trials of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.”

Again, Happy Birthday Alfie!!!


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