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Happy Thanksgiving…This was especially written for our amazing authors!!!

Jazzy Kitty Publishing Pray:

That God will Bless you
And we thank Him for your Gifts
And without you…
There would be no business

We are Grateful that you shared your Gift from your Heart,
Therefore, we pray that God will Honor that
And touch you in a Very Special Way

Most importantly,
May your gift of writing
Elevate and grow each day

This Thanksgiving we just want you to know…
That we are Truly Thankful for you
Because your book is unique
And reveals what you Love to do

We really appreciate you choose us;
That God directed you in our path
And we Pray that is business relationship
And for some of you FRIENDSHIP… will Forever Last

Your writing is a Beautiful Gift
And it is like No Other…

Just know that you were CALLED by God
To share it with many
And we want to thank you for the time you gave
Of sharing your talents…To bless another

So take a few days off and Rejoice
Be Happy and have some fun with family and friends
Eating turkey or whatever you enjoy most

Just be THANKFUL this Thanksgiving
And give God Praise for everything
Because He is the source of…

Happy Thanksgiving from Jazzy Kitty Publishing

Anelda Attaway
Poetry is My Ministry
To God be the Glory

Thank you for choosing Jazzy Kitty Publishing, we appreciate your business.

Please note that we are closed observing the Thanksgiving holiday from Thursday, November 28 until Monday, December 2nd.


Zaire Hodges is writer and a published author. Her debut novel titled The Rhythm of Poetry was published on September 13, 2012.     

The Blue House on the Left – A Novel is her recent work. This is the author’s first raw, and no holds bar piece of literature that she has done. You can find her books on most online bookstores, including Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.


After my debut novel, I had decided to take a different direction. The year that I was getting it published, I had been listening to audio books where the writers had a male character that was mainly young teenage boys. That month I was listing to an audio book, titled Sapphires the Kid, and I liked how she had her male character Abdul think everything in real life. Therefore, I sat down and decided that it was time for me to create a book with a male character. My own creation, but of a fictionalized person. Therefore, I did just that. I created the character and called him Javio Martez. He is my creation showing just about almost everything that can truthfully happen to one person or many people’s lives. So enjoy the book.


The novel The Blue House on the Left, is about a young man who is Brazilian and Puerto Rican who has to move from Brazil. He moves to New York City in 1975 when he is five years old while dealing with both his temperamental and ruff father, and a caring but serious mother.

A few years later in 1985, he is 15 years old dealing with serious personal issues. How will his life pan out? Find out in The Blue House on the Left – A Novel by Zaire Hodges.

Happy Belated Birthday Zaire

300zaireheadshotHappy Belated Birthday to one of our SPECIAL AUTHOR’S Zaire. She celebrated her birthday yesterday on November 5th. She is one of our teen authors, and we are so proud of her.

She will have a new novel coming out soon that you don’t want to miss. The title is called The Blue House on the Left. You will learn more and get additional details soon.

We are striving for her book signing on November 23rd.

Again, Happy Belated Birthday Zaire!!!


Jazzy Kitty Publishing

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