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BOOK DESIGN: Creating a Cover Image that Hits Your Audiences’ Emotions.

Anelda Attaway of Jazzy Kitty Publishing 

The cover image you choose needs to help create a look that has both beauty and balance.  It must make the viewer feel something. The design should have something that brings the viewers’ senses more into the book by creating an attachment to the emotion exposed.

When deciding on a cover image, look to the metaphor, to the possibility of the viewer
‘filling in the spaces’… because being too literal in your image may not be the best idea.

We all live with different references to images. Therefore, finding and using ones that best suit your book subject, your purpose, and excite your audience’s emotions, help with the mental/emotional/logical buying process they go through to finally purchase, read, learn and want more from you.

So remember to think of what emotion you want the viewer to receive when they FIRST look at the cover; when you think of your next cover design.  And we would love to help you will all of your cover design and book publishing needs.

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POEM MOTHERS YOU’RE SIMPLY THE BEST!!! Happy Mother’s Day from Jazzy Kitty Publishing

Mothers You’re SIMPLY THE BEST!!!


God’s greatest creation was our Mothers,

Because they were given qualities that set them apart from all others

I know the love that God placed in them…

Is a LOVE that causes great Sacrifice,

It is the same love the God has given the world

And the same love that made Jesus give His life

My mother Jean Anelda Scott is one of God’s heavenly creations,

And she has been and is the Greatest Mother to me

And in my Mom, I feel all God’s LOVE, POWER, GLORY AND HIS MAJESTY

I thank God daily that He gave her to me

Because she is such a WONDERFUL and CARING mother

A womAn with inner and outer beauty…

and integrity

So to all the Mothers out there…Here’s a toast to you

You all are in a class by yourselves…Simply ABOVE all the rest

You are so very SPECIAL…

Mothers you’re SIMPLY THE BEST!!!


Happy Mother’s Day from Jazzy Kitty Publishing

Special thank you to my Family

I want to send a SPECIAL thank you to my husband, mom, dad and daughter for making my birthday special.  All of you know how you played a part in my SPECIAL day.

Kevin for all the LOVE, breakfast, going out and more!!!
Mom for giving me life to have a birthday and the beautiful card and gift!!!
Dad for playing chauffeur 🙂 the beautiful card and gift…for sharing your birthday with me.
Moe for being you…Sweet!!!

I had a wonderful day thank you family!!!

Thank you FB family and all that wished me a “Happy Birthday” from Anelda “JazzyKitty”

Hello FB family and all…I thank each one of you that took the time out and wished me a “Happy Birthday” it was great!!! I had breakfast in bed, time with family, went out to the movies to see “42” which was an excellent choice and more calls that I can count. It was just a blessing to wake up and see another birthday…I am grateful to God!!!

I want to especially thank those of you who wrote me poems because I love poetry and other cute post…you all made my day VERY SPECIAL!!! It was so great to hear from High School and childhood friends, I am still smiling thinking about the calls.

Thanks again for thinking of me 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and have a blessed Mothers Day!!!

Jazzy Kitty Publishing will be closed on Wednesday, May 8th and Thursday, May 9th…Birthday wishes to JazzyKitty

Jazzy Kitty Publishing will be closed on Wednesday, May 8th and Thursday, May 9th Anelda “JazzyKitty” is celebrating her birthday. Please contact us on Friday, after 12:00 pm.  Thank you all!!!

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