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Congratulations to New Author Michele E. Sweeney title Daddy, Where are you!

Daddy, Where are you! Author Michele E. Sweeney

Daddy, Where are you! Author Michele E. Sweeney

This book is about the early life of Michele E. Sweeney, and the years she lived as a young girl trying to make it in a dark world of a lot of pain and heartache. In the mist of it all, she was still trying to be the good girl that she desired to be.

From her birth to the age of 17 years of age, she had already experienced a lot of disappointments and hurts, which she had no control of. All she did was come here. Because Michele did not ask to be born here she’d sometimes ask the questions, “Why was I even born to be treated like this? Why do I have to be involved with a family like this? And how do I become the woman that I need to be when it looks like all of my family sees me as is the black sheep?”

There are no real answers to these questions, all she knows is that she was born for such a time as this, and she is going to try and make it the best way she can because she is strong, and very courageous. In addition, she is beautiful; at least that is what she keeps hearing everyone say to her.

Michele knows that she is a fighter and knows how to open up her mouth to get whatever it is she wants to say across to people. She can make it and she is determined to do so.
She has her older brother who she takes care of very well. So what if he doesn’t talk that well, she understands him and no one will ever mess with him as long as she is his sister. The two of them together are all that they have and Michele will be the one to make everything all right. So what if their parents don’t want them, they got each other and that is all that matters!



Praise the Lord, for Michele sharing her life with you, and I pray that this book will be a blessing for you and yours. It is about her life as a child placed into foster care, and being subjected to abuse. You will read only part of what Michele will share with you, but I believe you will get the picture. Can you imagine, being in foster care and experiencing abuse there and then being rescued by your father. Also thinking that your life will be so much better because he is your biological father. Only to realize that after you have been brought home to him and his other family, that you continue to be even further abused by his then girlfriend, who would later go on to become his wife.

What a tragedy it must be to know that you are then invited to mold your life with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And then being subjected to not being allowed to serve Him because your stepmother will not allow you to and go through even more abuse and not having the loving care from her parents, who Michele was trying to have a loving relationship with; to be met with more abuse and rejection. Then at the age of seventeen Michele knew she had come to the end of her road and did not want to go through any more pain so she decided to go to her mother and tell her that she thinks she should leave. Her stepmother agreed to let her go. Michele wanted to go out on her own to patch up her life and having the need of that loving relationship with her parents that she could not seem to get she finds herself in a place that she does not know but she knows it is better than going back home. Think of that, an innocent 17-year old finding life away from home where people would think was better than any other place but love did not live there for Michele so she desperately had to find it for herself. The fact that our Savior said, “He would never leave us nor forsake us,” is a reality in Michele’s book. Just think of it, abuse, neglect, very little love from her parents, in the space of 17 years and the appearance of a lovely child desiring the worth that comes from parents, who just don’t know; but the LORD knew. So we sing with the Heavenly Choir, look what the Lord has done and is doing, through Michele.

This book was written to share with men, women, and children alike. The Lord knew the plan and course that He was going to take in Michele’s life to help someone else come through the pain, heartache, and disappointment of continued failure after failure. Also, to let the world know that God is truly with you and will never leave you nor forsake you ever. He can direct your path wherever He wants you to go, no matter the price you have to pay.

Pastor Richard T. Stonewall, Sr.



Michele Sweeney

Michele Sweeney was born and raised in Downingtown, Pennsylvania; and lived there until the age of seventeen and now resides in the City of Coatesville, Pennsylvania. She is the mother of five beautiful children and seven grandchildren. Michele has had many jobs working with juvenile delinquents, and she has also worked with other children. Children are very special to her, and she finds great joy in helping and mentoring them to become better people. She attended Downingtown High until 12th grade in which she did not graduate due to all of the problems she was having at home. Things were so overwhelming for her that she decided to drop out. After the drop out, she decided to return to school with her father in which they both received their GED’s together in 1989.

Michele has also gone on to pursue an Associates of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and is now working very hard on her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, in which she will graduate March 2013. She has also received training and is Sex Offender certified. Michele plans to one day pursue a career in law enforcement. She is also very active in her church where she is a powerful prayer warrior and intercessor. The church that she attends is A. D. Memorial Church of God in Christ, under the leadership of her Pastors; Pastor Montez O. Jones and Pastor Alfonso B. Baxter. Sr. She finds great joy and peace in this ministry. She just recently made this transition from a ministry called, “Brighter Way Ministries located in Newark, DE., where she served under the leadership of Pastor Clarence “Ernie” Stevens and First Lady Anne Stevens.

Michele served as a Deaconess at this church and also as an Armor Bearer for her Pastor and First Lady. Writing this book, Michele had no idea what God had planned for her. She was just trying to be obedient to God one day when He spoke to her through a family member who knows her from a child, to write this book. She had no idea that a book would unfold to this degree to change the lives of men, women, and children especially. Even though we might have to go through something that is so painful and humiliating at that time can in the end, after we have gone through the “Fire of affliction; can bring us out like pure gold!” If you struggle with the pain of your past and being a child of rejection and disappointment after being born and not being the blame for anything that has happened to you by means of: rejection, betrayal, abuse, rape, molestation, lies, or deception; this book is for you. May you read it, and be blessed abundantly in Jesus Name. THIS WAS TRULY A GOD THING!!!

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