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We Are Excited to Announce our Inspiring Authors…Coming Soon!!!

Contractor Small Business Manual/Starting and Growing your Business by ALisha Broughton
The Pen God Gave Me: The Diary of My Soul Poems by Ardreana Thompson
Desperate Days by Bo Hall
Daddy Where are You? By Michele Sweeney
From My Understanding Reginald Walton
Dating My Dad by Apple Dailey
5’6 & Standing Tall by Elizabeth Goins-Turner
Never Judge a Book by Its Cover by Pastor Larry Suber
I’m Not Divorced, He Is by Erika Broadwater
Lessons from My Father Samtra K. Devard
The Cry Continue the Unwanted Don by Torrey Flowers
Cartel Kings and Gangsters; Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang!!! by Simmeon Anderson
Turn Me Loose by Alice Brazzle
Lord I’m Still Standing by Robin D. Johnson
Thoughts of My Mind by Cris Crismond
Whisper of Life by Helen Butler
Wet Sensations by Michael Guinn

More to come…Stay Posted!!!

Jazzy Kitty Publishing

Happy Birthday to one of our authors Alfancena Millicent Barrett title called The Faces of Struggles Such as Cancers are on the Journey to God’s Glory! Enjoy your day Dear…. We at Jazzy Kitty Publishing love you!!

The Faces of Struggles Such As Cancers Are on the Journey to God's Glory!

The Faces of Struggles Such As Cancers Are on the Journey to God’s Glory!

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