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Hi, This is Anelda Attaway and I am the CEO and Publisher of Jazzy Kitty Publishing dba Jazzy Kitty Publications. This blog is to keep you informed regarding our authors and publishing information. Our goal is to publish authors at lowest rates while making their dreams come true. GET PUBLISHED TODAY!!! Call 877.782.5550 for information or email us your manuscript to anelda@jazzykittypublications.com for a quote.

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The Jazzy Kitty Show Coming Soon!

Jazzy Kitty Publications will have a radio platform and podcast coming soon hosted through the Empowerment 4 U Network. We will be empowering our listeners with positive messages, special guest interviews, poetry, and more! Stay tuned for more information and details. Call us 877.782.5550 x 100 Monday through Friday from 11 am to 7 pm if you have something positive to share, a business, or an author with a book that you would like to promote.


Hello, please show your support and review Author Marvin Grayson’s new website https://graysonsbooksforreallife.com/ it will be used for promoting his writing career and books. On his website, you can go to “Ask Marvin” and literally ask him any question(s) you may have about Real Life and he will answer them. He is a published author with our company Jazzy Kitty Publications and we are proud thus far of his success.

Author Marvin Grayson will be using his website to promote his books. His current title is Lessons Learned, it is available for sale on all online bookstores. It is available in two formats, Paperback and Kindle.

Please support him and get your copy today. His second title Forfeit Proof of Life we are currently working on and it is Coming Soon! 🙂  Please follow his Blog Ask Marving.

Amazon the Retail Goliath

Amazon. Here’s how to make a retail Goliath work for you.

Hitting “visibility spots”

Amazon is the #1 search engine for books. One of your main marketing goals should be to get as much “visibility” as possible from Amazon. This means showing up high on search results for relevant keywords, in genre categories and sub-categories, and on temporary lists, like “Hot New Releases”.

To start, it’s important to understand how Amazon ranks its products. Though no one knows exactly how Amazon’s algorithm works, we know it is influenced by 3 main factors, listed here by order of importance:

  1. Daily sales: Number of times your book gets purchased or downloaded every day.
  2. Reviews: Number of reviews your book has, and the average number of stars.
  3. Time: Generally, newly-launched books get more visibility.

What can you do to work the algorithm in your favor? First, make sure you get as many sales and reviews as you can during the first week, in order to hit the “Hot New Releases” list.

Then, be clever about your metadata, and particularly the 2 genre categories you can set for your book. Look for sub-categories where the competition seems scarce (i.e. where the books on the first page have less than 100 reviews). Getting to #1 in a niche category won’t make you rich, but it will grant you a lot of visibility, which means more sales and more reviews.

The pros of “exclusivity”

Through its “KDP Select” program, Amazon incentivizes you to be “exclusive” to them. That means making your ebook available only on Amazon (no iBooks, B&N, Kobo, etc.) for a limited time.

In exchange for your 90 days of exclusivity, they’ll offer you added visibility and the possibility to run, for 5 days:

  • Either a “kindle countdown” discount: Discount your book and appear in Amazon’s “discounted ebooks” lists;
  • Or a free promotion: Make your book free and appear on the “free ebooks” lists.

These are very useful because they allow you to run a Bookbub promotion (or similar) in parallel.

Finally, if you opt-in for KDP Select, your book will also automatically be added to Kindle Unlimited (Amazon’s subscription service for readers). For some authors, Kindle Unlimited has become a non-negligeable source of revenue (and visibility!).

Whether you choose to be exclusive or not, please don’t try to “cheat” Amazon by enrolling in their Select program when your book is still available elsewhere. Amazon will find out and will penalize you.

That’s it for this course! I honestly had tons of fun writing this, and I hope you got something out of it as well. If you have any feedback or questions, you can send them to me at anelda@jazzykittypublications.com

Happy writing, and happy marketing!

CHESTNUT THE PUP, WHAT I WOULD SAY IF I COULD TALK On Sale Now at ALL Online Retailers or call us at 877.782.5550

Chestnut the Pup, What I Would Say If I Could Talk

Available in Hardcopy and Paperback

Front_chestnutfinalfinal (1)-page-001Chestnut has a loving family. Anelda is his mommy, Kevin is his daddy, and he has a big sister named Moe. Chestnut’s family is passionate about animals and they are advocating against animal cruelty with this book.

They encourage pet rescue and adoption because they believe that every pet deserves a family to love and care for them responsibly.

Chestnut’s mommy Anelda wrote this book to share her wonderful pup with the world and to show that animals have their own way to communicate and express themselves. Chestnut and his family would love for you to share this book with a new pet owner or animal lover close to your heart! Most importantly, give it some thought about what your pet would say if they could talk.

Congratulations from Jazzy Kitty Publications to Author Lanae Taylor! She had the most sales for April 2018

Let Me Be Free On sale only 13.99

This book of poetry is a collection of life’s emotional roller coaster that one could have ridden on, or have mentally put themselves through the ups and downs. Sometimes you want revenge, sometimes you let karma take care of it, while other times you just want to scream in rage. Just take a peaceful moment to breathe in and exhale out; then tell them. . . just let me be FREE.FrontCover_1LetMeBeFree_LanaeTaylor


JKP Looking for New Authors

Did you write a book or need a publisher?  If so, contact us Jazzy Kitty Publications at 877.782.5550 x100 for details. Monday thru Friday 11:00 am to 7 pm. Please check us out on our website http://www.jazzykittypublications.com

We are more than publishing!

The Precious Jewels Monologue By Stacey Barlow

Precious JewelsCover Precious Jewels

Are You Ready to be Exposed?

In the beginning, the Earth was without form or void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

On the sixth day, God made man and named him Adam, but did not breathe life into his nostrils until the seventh day. Adam needed a help meet so, God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and He took one of his ribs, closed up the flesh, made a woman and brought her to Adam. Because God had taken the rib, Adam states bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, she shall be called WOMAN. Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife, for they are to be one flesh. The couple was NAKED and not ashamed. It wasn’t until after the eating of the tree, the knowledge of the two being naked, the woman was given a name.

Everyone, fictional or real life, has a story to tell. It would be up to them whether they want to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth or tell half of the truth. When they tell it, would you believe their story?

It has been said that a person has over 200 personalities {not schizophrenia} but, a way to hide your certain selves when you don’t want anyone to know the “true you.” At the end of the day, no matter what your decision will be, you are still a Precious Jewel and have Precious Jewels that need to be honored and respected. Respect yourself!

Jazzy Kitty Publications presents its new children’s book titled, What I Would Say If I Could Talk. Featuring Chestnut Attaway

What I Would Say If I Could Talk Credits:

Written and edited by Author Anelda L. Attaway and book cover art by Isaac Brown

Original Poetry by Anelda L. Attaway

Co-editor: Stacey Barlow

ISBN: 978-0-9988433-9-1
Library of Congress Control Number: 2017916281

This is a hardcover, 34-page full-color book. The size is 8.5 x 8.5.

This story demonstrates that animals need love and they can communicate with their actions because they cannot speak human language.

However, this book will give you an idea of what they would say if they could actually talk. Although, this book is tailored to our dog Chestnut. However, all pet owners can relate in some fashion.

In this book, you will clearly see that Chestnut (a puppy) is loved. This book is to encourage you and your children to love your pets too because they are family.

Unfortunately, there are people in the world that are cruel to animals.  However, If you love your pet, keep up the good work. And If you do not own a pet, consider adopting or rescuing one or two. Then everyone can enjoy thinking and writing about what your pet would say if they could speak (TALK).

This book was written to encourage children at an early age to love all animals. Encourage them and all that read it to never exercise any type of animal cruelty. Plain and simple, no abuse.

Thus far, all testimonials have been encouraging. They love the pictures/illustrations. They feel the pictures themselves tell the story. The colors are bright, warm, and inviting.  They especially love what Chestnut says inside the speech bubbles throughout the book if he could really talk.

Here are just a few testimonials:

Kevin Attaway, Newark, DE (Devoted Husband)

“Honey, I’m so proud of you! I watched all of your hard work putting this book together. I am amazed at the outcome. I can’t put the book down. All of the pictures in this book tells the story and its sounds exactly what our dog Chestnut would say if he could talk. I know other readers will relate. Please keep being obedient to God’s voice! Your gift is amazing. I fall more in love with you each day.”

Cleveland Scott Jr, Newark, DE (My Loving Father)

“Sweetheart, I was one of the first that you share your vision with that God gave you. Hearing your vision immediate I thought it was a great idea. So, I told you to go for it and immediately you started writing. Within 45 minutes,  you were handing me something to read. Now, that the project is completed and I  see the finished project, I know God that has given you a special gift.

When you put this book in my hands and I saw the book cover and I was amazed at the presentation, the layout, and the beautiful colors. Then when I opened it, the words and pictures really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I love the colors!

Words can’t really express how proud I am of you Kitten. I have been your support system and biggest fan on this entire journey. I know what you been through to get here to this place, keep listening to God’s voice and do exactly what He tells you to do. Keep up the excellent work, this book must get in everybody’s hands.”

Cleveland Scott III, Newark, DE (Loving and Supportive Brother)

“Wow Kitten, I know I’m your brother, but I love this book! The pictures are phenomenal!!! I’m so proud of you. I can’t wait to read it to Jaden. All pet owners and children will love this book. Great job!”

Anthony Gaddy, Philadephia, PA (Loving Big Brother)

“Sis, the book is so relatable and it’s not just for children. I’m viewing it on your smartphone and I immediately got a smile on my face. The colors pop out at you, the pictures are real and tell the story. In fact, the first one I saw I said that my dog does that to me every morning. LOL Sis, you know I want a copy for myself. I will have more to say when I get the real thing. For now, Sis I’m proud of you. Keep up the great work. This book is phenomenal!”

These are only a few of our testimonies and we will continue to share them.

For more information about this title What I Would Say If I Could Talk call us for direct order @ 877.782.5550 x100 or email us anelda@jazzykittypublications. It’s only $19.99 and it is less expensive by direct order. It’s available on our website under “Featured Title” and available December 1st on all online bookstores, even if you see it online please do not purchase it until December 1, 2017.

As we all know ‘word of mouth’ is still the best advertisement. Therefore, please share this with an animal lover/pet owner,  family, friends, and children.

We welcome any feedback, book promotion or marketing ideas.

Thank you in advance for your support and interest in What I Would I Say If I Could Talk featuring Chestnut Attaway.

Stay tuned is much more coming regarding this title.

Thank you for reading and sharing this post.

Jazzy Kitty Publications


JazzyKitty Goes to Phenix City, AL to the 2017 Soul Summer Fest

JazzyKitty and Author Joseph Allen Ashe Sr., accepted an invitation from promoters Anthony Clark and Dana Freeman to promote Jazzy Kitty Publishing and Joe’s spectacular spoken word gift at the 2017 Soul Summer Fest featuring Angie Stone on Saturday, August 12, 2017. They drove 14 hours (Joe and his lovely wife Renee) to Phenix City, Alabama to follow their dreams.

The trip was a success! JazzyKitty received free tickets to the event, a hotel stay at the Courtyard Marriot, a table to promote their business, many contacts, met celebrities, and received royal  treatment to say the least!  Anthony and Dana did their best to supply all her needs! Jazzy Kitty Publishing will be posting videos and pictures showing a snapshot of their journey.

Jazzy Kitty Publishing sends a special thank you to Torrey Flowers, Anthony Clark, Dana Freeman, Angie Stone, Tony Terry, Kenny Lattimore, Victor Burke, Red Storm, Joe Ashe, and the staff of the Courtyard Marriott in Phenix City for an incredible time! P_20170813_125937P_20170813_125406img1502687845258P_20170812_191813_vHDR_AutoP_20170812_194315_BFP_20170813_115610P_20170812_184729_vHDR_AutoP_20170814_155919

Joe, got the opportunity to sell books, show Victor Burke (Manager of Tony Terry) and some staff at the Marriott his gift. The great thing about Joe, he is always ready! Stay posted Joe Ashe will be doing some great things. Go to Joseph Ashe Spoken Word and Gospel Spoken Word by Bro Joe Ashe and see his two titles on Amazon The Psalm and Prayers of Joseph Vol. #1 and My Mind on Jesus Incarcerated, But I’m Free. Joe has more titles coming soon!

This invitation was orchestrated by her new Marketing Director,  Torrey Flowers who is also an accomplished author in his own right. His two titles are The Last Cry and The Last Cry the Continuation the Unwanted Don is also available on Amazon!

To learn more about Jazzy Kitty Publishing go to their website www.jazzykittypublishing.com or call them at 877.782.5550.  Making authors dreams come true!




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